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Who We Are

Aluram is a subsidiary of United Hair Care, a family-owned manufacturer. UHC has brought forth leading-edge health & beauty brands, formulas & products for over thirty years and three generations. Starting with humble beginnings the team has extended beyond relatives, welcoming in over 100 employees & professional stylists. This tight-knit group has created its own unique and fully extensive system for developing & making each product.


The Why

We strive to make life better for hair and salon professionals, clientele, and consumers. Keeping our products fair for everyone involved. Made in-house by professional stylists, UHC products are built and tailored to fit the needs of both professionals & consumers and take the lead in hair industry trends. We understand the daily challenges of the industry and are here to help support our partners full spectrum - from education to product knowledge - making our clients' success our own. 

Beauty Built Backwards 

So we set out to "build the brand backwards” with a simple formula: Prioritize salons & stylists first.

Salons are the heart of our industry and wonderful assets to our community. Beyond beautiful hair, many stylists are our friends and on some days our therapists too. So we decided to start something special- a relationship where we developed, listened and grew with salons. We heard: “build us an elevated brand with clean ingredients, that is accessible to all” and we went to work.

It was love at first blowout. The passion for Aluram has been astounding, and our small-but-mighty line is growing. We also have a constant reminder of our devotion to salons and clean beauty right in our name: Aluram is Marula backwards! It’s fun to see people’s faces when the realization “clicks”. It's a reflection of our backwards approach and creating beauty beyond compromise.

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